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Amaneciendo en la presentación de mi tesista de doctorado Alex Villegas en #ECIL2021 #ALFIN #AlfabetizaciónInformacional

Amaneciendo en la presentación de mi tesista de doctorado Alex Villegas en #ECIL2021 #ALFIN #AlfabetizaciónInformacionalfrom Juan D. Machin-Mastromatteo, PhD

Ponencias en #ECIL2021

Presentamos las ponencias de Doris Agredo, tesista de maestría del Dr. José R. Romo, de mis tesistas de doctorado Tania Ortiz y Alejandro Villegas en el #ECIL2021, importante evento mundial sobre #ALFIN. ¡Muchas felicidades!

Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Life of Higher Education Students

Results from a worldwide survey to higher education students regarding their educational experiences during the pandemic (not yet peer-reviewed); some considerations that might be useful for starting the next semester


Abstract: The paper aims to present the most comprehensive and large-scale study to date of students’ perceived impacts of COVID-19 crisis on different aspects of their lives on a global level. The study with a sample of 30,383 students from 62 countries reveals that due to worldwide lockdown and transition to online learning students were most satisfied with the support of teaching staff and universities’ public relations. Nevertheless, a lack of computer skills and the perception of increased workload prevented them from perceiving higher performance in a new teaching environment. Students were mainly concerned about their future professional career and studying issues, and were feeling boredom, anxiety and frustration. The pandemic encouraged some hygienic behaviors (i.e. wearing masks, washing hands) and discouraged certain daily habits (i.e. leaving home, shaking hands). Students were also more satisfied with the role of hospitals and universities during the epidemic, compared to government and banks. Further findings demonstrate that students with selected sociodemographic characteristics (male, part-time, first level, applied sciences, lower living standard, from Africa or Asia) were, in general, more strongly affected by the pandemic as they were significantly less satisfied with their academic work/life. Key factors influencing students’ satisfaction with the role of university have also been identified. Policymakers and higher education institutions worldwide may benefit from these findings when formulating policy recommendations and tactics on how to support students during the pandemic.

Text available at Preprints

Recommended reference: Aristovnik, A.; Keržič, D.; Ravšelj, D.; Tomaževič, N.; Umek, L. Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Life of Higher Education Students: A Global Perspective. Preprints 2020, 2020080246 (doi: 10.20944/preprints202008.0246.v1).

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Scientific evaluation models in Latin America and the criteria for assessing researchers


We analyzed the scientific evaluation systems from 19 Latin American countries for developing a general evaluation model. We compared this model with bibliometric, economic and educational indicators, confirming the importance of supporting science, research, education and innovation

Abstract: This article analyzes the importance of scientific evaluation in Latin America, by identifying the institutions regulating it in each country, reviewing their strategic objectives for recognizing researchers and analyzing the use of diverse evaluation criteria. From a documentary analysis of the models for evaluating researchers in 19 countries, we unified the activities and products that are considered in these countries and we developed a general model for evaluating researchers, which consists of six dimensions and 39 criteria that allow characterizing the ways in which researchers’ activities are evaluated in the region. Finally, we compared the model’s criteria with data from bibliometric, economic and educational indicators.

Complete text available at SagePublications

Recommended reference: Delgado, R.-M., Tarango, J., & Machin-Mastromatteo, J. D. (2020). Scientific evaluation models in Latin America and the criteria for assessing researchers. Information Development36(3), 457–467.


How do you think I am as a teacher?

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Publons: citation map

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Indicators of responsible research practices


Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Life of Higher Education Students: Student Respondents

Profile of Student Respondents of our Global Student Survey on Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Life of Higher Education Students. Find out more:


Regarding the emotional wellbeing, Mexican students have been among the most frustrated during the pandemic. Comments? Recommendations?


Expectations – reality

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