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Ethics, human rights and violence in Chihuahua’s digital journalism: Evidence from a media observatory

We start this year with the publication of the results from an observation of digital news outlets regarding their treatment of news related to #violence in the State of #Chihuahua. Collaboration among Drs. Armando Villanueva, Fidel Gonzalez-Quiñones, Aixchel Cordero & Jorge Alan Flores


Full text available at Emerald

List of authors UACH 2019

For the third year in a row, I lead my institution’s list of top authors in an index, for 2019, it was in Web of Science. Not so great in Scopus, though.


When the thesis has a good introduction


Life as a scientist

– Uncle, as a scientist, what do you think of this society, where you work during the week and live on weekends?
– What’s a weekend?


Being a Researcher at UACH

Claudia, a former student of mine from the Bachelor Program in English Language, interviewed me recently, please have a listen, she and her classmate did a very interesting interview!

Scientific publishing, Information Development, and Chihuahua’s reading and conversation clubs

I was very lucky to be considered to participate in the last Tips, Talks and Topics show at Radio Universidad, recorded June 28, 2019. I talked about considerations and challenges for publishing research in the humanities and social sciences, about journals, metrics, scientific evaluation, and specifically about the journal ‘Information Development’, where I’m an editorial board member and where I publish the ‘Developing Latin America’ column since 2015. Finally, we feature one of such columns: ‘The rise of reading and conversation clubs during Chihuahua’s violent times’

Also featuring in this very emotive last show Prof. Frank Malgesini and Claudia Alejandra Peña

#ScientificPublishing #InformationDevelopment #DevelopingLatinAmerica #SAGEPublishing

International Librarian Day 19

#IntLibrarianDay19 #challengethestereotype #librarianslooklikethis #EmeraldPublishing Emerald Latin America


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