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Scientific publishing, Information Development, and Chihuahua’s reading and conversation clubs

I was very lucky to be considered to participate in the last Tips, Talks and Topics show at Radio Universidad, recorded June 28, 2019. I talked about considerations and challenges for publishing research in the humanities and social sciences, about journals, metrics, scientific evaluation, and specifically about the journal ‘Information Development’, where I’m an editorial board member and where I publish the ‘Developing Latin America’ column since 2015. Finally, we feature one of such columns: ‘The rise of reading and conversation clubs during Chihuahua’s violent times’

Also featuring in this very emotive last show Prof. Frank Malgesini and Claudia Alejandra Peña

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International Librarian Day 19

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Juantífico is creating educational videos

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Worldwide inequality in access to full text scientific articles: the example of ophthalmology


We invite you to check the result of a large international collaboration effort to examine the inequality regarding access to ophthalmology research around the world, published  in

Abstract: The problem of access to medical information, particularly in low-income countries, has been under discussion for many years. Although a number of developments have occurred in the last decade (e.g., the open access (OA) movement and the website Sci-Hub), everyone agrees that these difficulties still persist very widely, mainly due to the fact that paywalls still limit access to approximately 75% of scholarly documents. In this study, we compare the accessibility of recent full text articles in the field of ophthalmology in 27 established institutions located worldwide.

Full text at PeerJ

Recommended reference: Boudry C, Alvarez-Muñoz P, Arencibia-Jorge R, Ayena D, Brouwer NJ, Chaudhuri Z, Chawner B, Epee E, Erraïs K, Fotouhi A, Gharaibeh AM, Hassanein DH, Herwig-Carl MC, Howard K, Kaimbo Wa Kaimbo D, Laughrea P, Lopez FA, Machin-Mastromatteo JD, Malerbi FK, Ndiaye PA, Noor NA, Pacheco-Mendoza J, Papastefanou VP, Shah M, Shields CL, Wang YX, Yartsev V, Mouriaux F. (2019). Worldwide inequality in access to full text scientific articles: the example of  ophthalmology. PeerJ, 7, e7850.

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The dark reviewer rises


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