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Scientific evaluation models in Latin America and the criteria for assessing researchers


We analyzed the scientific evaluation systems from 19 Latin American countries for developing a general evaluation model. We compared this model with bibliometric, economic and educational indicators, confirming the importance of supporting science, research, education and innovation

Abstract: This article analyzes the importance of scientific evaluation in Latin America, by identifying the institutions regulating it in each country, reviewing their strategic objectives for recognizing researchers and analyzing the use of diverse evaluation criteria. From a documentary analysis of the models for evaluating researchers in 19 countries, we unified the activities and products that are considered in these countries and we developed a general model for evaluating researchers, which consists of six dimensions and 39 criteria that allow characterizing the ways in which researchers’ activities are evaluated in the region. Finally, we compared the model’s criteria with data from bibliometric, economic and educational indicators.

Complete text available at SagePublications

Recommended reference: Delgado, R.-M., Tarango, J., & Machin-Mastromatteo, J. D. (2020). Scientific evaluation models in Latin America and the criteria for assessing researchers. Information Development36(3), 457–467. https://doi.org/10.1177/0266666920943966


Bibliometrics units as dynamic engines for universities’ scientific production


New publication! We analyzed the dynamic role that a bibliometrics research unit can have for boosting any higher-education institution’s scientific production, a case study on Unidad de Investigación en Bibliometría – USIL co-written with my friends Josmel Pacheco-Mendoza and Joe Alway https://dx.doi.org/10.1177/0266666920918466

Abstract: In this article, we review the process behind the establishment of the Bibliometrics Research Unit at the San Ignacio de Loyola University (Peru), as a specialized unit that has aided in enhancing its university’s scientific production and research practices. The Unit’s functions and its role as a dynamic engine for scientific production are also presented and discussed under the Peruvian and Latin American contexts.

Complete text at Sage Publications

Recommended citation: Pacheco-Mendoza, J., Alhuay-Quispe, J., & Machin-Mastromatteo, J. D. (2020). Bibliometrics units as dynamic engines for universities’ scientific production. Information Development, 36(2), 301–305. http://doi.org.conricyt.remotexs.co/10.1177/0266666920918466


The rise of reading and conversation clubs during Chihuahua’s violent times


We present the experience of Chihuahua’s reading and conversation clubs, as a citizen initiative that emerged to reconquer the city spaces that were seized by violence, as well as the role of the Tips, Talks and Topics radio show.

Abstract: This article presents the generation of reading and conversation clubs in Chihuahua city (Mexico), which emerged from spontaneous initiatives by citizens, as a response to one of the most violent periods faced in the city. This report was developed with information gathered during interviews with members of reading and conversation clubs about their experiences, at the Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua’s radio station (Radio University), in the ‘Tips, Talks and Topics’ weekly show.

Full text at Sage Publications

Recomended reference: Machin-Mastromatteo, J. D., & Coughanour, G. L. R. (2019). The rise of reading and conversation clubs during Chihuahua’s violent times. Information Development, 35(3), 503–506. https://doi.org/10.1177/0266666919855147

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